Warranty Information

MillTire’s obligation to be bound by the warranty does not apply if, in the sole opinion of MillTire, the customer vehicle has been damaged by modifications, damage by accident, misuse, negligence, fire, act of God, or alterations made by the customer or a third party. To get the best, most efficient performance from your tires, we recommend having them rotated every 10,000 km.

Qualifications for warranty coverage: Warranty coverage for the tire is provided in accordance with MillTire’s warranty terms & conditions in all the following:

  • 1. For the tires claimed to be defective, the customer must bring the vehicle in to any MillTire location to be inspected by a MillTire representative within the warranty period.
  • 2. All claims must be made within 30 days of the discovery of the alleged defect.
  • 3. The warranty is for the exclusive benefit of the customer on the invoice and is not transferable.
  • 4. All defective tires will go through an inspection with one of our trusted partner mechanics.
  • 5. The original invoice must be presented at the time of warranty request.
  • 6. This warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and at least minimum of 50% tread depth left. When a tire has 3.97 mm Millimeter (5/32 of an inch) or less in tread depth, it is considered worn out and this warranty does not apply.
  • 7. Warranty is void for tires not purchased as set of four.
  • 8. No tread wear warranty on winter tires as it’s made of softer rubber compounds designed for cold temperatures and it’s likely these tires might experience excessive wear when used on ice and outside of their intended season range “using winter tires during summer season”.
  • 9. In the event the tire is found to be defective and covered by the warranty, it shall be replaced at the option of MillTire.
  • 10. In case of the warranty claim is approved, the customer will shoulder the fees related to the installation of the new tires.
  • 11. This warranty is a promise under certain conditions to give credit on a prorated basis towards the purchase of a new tire. This warranty does not imply that tires sold by MillTire Ltd meet certain specifications or cannot fail. This warranty does not replace or modify any original tire manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.


Exclusions: MillTire reserves the right to exclude warranty coverage to vehicles deemed to have been used in certain applications where abnormal wear and stresses can occur, or where MillTire deems the failure of the part to be in no way related to the material or workmanship. These can include but are not limited to;

  • 1. Failure due to vehicles involved in accidents
  • 2. Failure or damage caused by misuse or neglect


What is not covered:

  • 1. We don’t cover road hazards, including, without limitation: Puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge (due to impact).
  • 2. A tire is damaged/failed due to vandalism; commercial use; snow chains or studs; rapid or irregular wear.
  • 3. Tires are not covered under this limited warranty if the tire is damaged/failed due to wear from worn or improperly adjusted or maintained mechanical components on the vehicle. Vehicles used in off-highway applications such as mines, leases, forestry, farming, or racing.
  • 4. Tires transferred from the vehicle on which they were originally installed.
  • 5. Warranty is considered void if the tire is insufficient or improper maintenance, including, without limitation: failure to rotate tires as recommended in this terms and conditions, wheel misalignment, worn suspension components, improper tire mounting or demounting, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, alignment issues or other vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics. Detailed documentation needed.
  • 6. Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or consequential damage except where and to the extent prohibited by law.
  • 7. A tire that does not meet the definition of “road hazard failure”


Limited warranty for Mud Terrain Tires:

  • 1. While specific terms of a limited warranty for mud terrain tires may vary among manufacturers, there are common conditions that could void the warranty. Here are general conditions that void the warranty for mud terrain tires:
  • 2. Improper Use or Off-Road Abuse: Warranty may be void if the tires are used for purposes other than their intended design, such as extreme off-road activities or motorsports.
  • 3. Overloading: Exceeding the maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer for the tires will void the warranty.
  • Improper Inflation: Failure to maintain proper tire inflation PSI levels according to the manufacturer’s recommendations will void the warranty. This includes both under-inflation and over-inflation.
  • 4. Improper Installation: If the tires are installed with balancing beads and if it’s not installed by a qualified professional or according to the manufacturer’s guideline.
  • 5. Modification or Alteration: Any modifications or alterations to the tires, such as adding studs or siping, using wrong rim size and using stock rim from the car manufacturer.
  • 6. Accidents or Impact Damage: Damage caused by accidents, collisions, or impact with road hazards, curbs, or other objects.
  • 7. Neglect and Lack of Maintenance: Failure to perform regular tire maintenance, such as rotation, balancing, and alignment, as recommended by the manufacturer, will void the warranty.
  • 8. Use of Chains or Traction Devices: Use of tire chains or traction devices that are not approved by the tire manufacturer will void the warranty.
  • 9. Weather-Related Damage: Damage caused by extreme weather conditions, such as exposure to prolonged sunlight, extreme heat, or severe cold, may not be covered.
  • 10. Tires are not covered under this limited warranty if the tire is damaged/failed due to wear from worn or improperly adjusted or maintained mechanical components on the vehicle. Vehicles used in off-highway applications such as mines, leases, forestry, farming, or racing.


MForce LED Lights warranty policy:

  1. Thank you for choosing our high-quality car LED lights. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to carefully read and understand our warranty and return policy.
  2. All Sales Are Final: Once a purchase is made, all sales are considered final. We do not accept returns or exchanges for car LED lights under any circumstances.
  3. Product Warranty: Our car LED lights are NOT covered by limited warranty from the date of purchase. We examined and tried the device in the store upon purchase. Damage caused by misuse or modification may not be covered.
  4. No Return or Exchange Policy: We regret that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for car LED lights, as all sales are final. Please ensure that you are selecting the correct product for your vehicle and that it meets your specifications before completing your purchase.
  5. Cancellation Policy: Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled or modified. Please review your order carefully before confirming your purchase.
  6. By completing your purchase, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our warranty and return policy.