Warranty Information

ALL PRODUCTS ARE PROVIDED TO CUSTOMER BY MILLTIRE,  AND MILLTIRE OFFERS A WARRANTY OF UP TO 60,000KM OR 1 YEAR TO ALL ITS PCR TIRES.  DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND RELATING TO THE PRODUCTS OR USE THEREOF, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT, TITLE, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The only warranties given to Customer relating to the product, if any, are those provided by the manufacturers of such products, and Customer acknowledges that any warranty claims arising out of the manufacturer warranties must be pursued directly against the manufacturer. Milltire will facilitate the warranty process if the customer chooses. Customer is responsible for all warranty paperwork as required by the manufacturer. Failure to submit paperwork can result in warranty claim denial. Neither Milltire nor the manufacturer will reimburse installation fees or other costs related to warranty claims.